Is It Wrong being A Single in 20’s-year-old?

Remember I wrote this essay almost three years ago, starting face my 20’s birth day… And my sister read it and said, “Goshhh, Dude! It’s twentieth century, how could you not get along with the girl? Or you are….” She stopped on those edge of words….

Being single is hard decision for me. Ignore everyone who mocks me everytime about my status that in 20 years old I don’t have someone yet I love and I introduce to. Or maybe show her off to everyone forced me. So difficult, I do! But if I think more and more about, it will be useless time that I hate to do. I don’t care what they said, I never thought this affair so hard, even for the first time I made it as the big problem in my life time. But, long by long, I could make my mind and my heart as well understand about the truly love will come so lovely in my life, someday, I don’t know.

To be patient person and always spread love to the others are my main job that I like to do. Just spending my time to not think my status everytime, ‘cause if we share love, it means we get love too, right? In my final conclusion, I make summary that love can come not only from someone we love or they we share and understand about our heart but also we can get it by do so simple thing, we just give love to someone we choose and wait for a moment, well get this one back to us. So incredible thing. At least I will get the girl who more or the most perfect I’ll ever find and make them feel so surprise till they can say anything. That’s my ambission or just my idealism?

Hmm… Only God the Al Mighty knows everything, I never figured this problem out before the matureness come early. For God sake! Why does it happen to me? Gimme some reason God! Or You, in the seventh sky there, can call me back through my night-dream that I always dream’n of in thousands night.

Passing days and walking the time, only with my close friends with their or our loyality we always together, is my day in my daily. Easier than we make appointment with the girl that in our status we generally as the freedom men, fell being tied out. Oh God poor us! So, which one we choose being single or fell like the odd man that always being tied and seldom feel free? I take the first one, for this time he…he…

For closing, I just wanna say that love is so simple thing but remember if you never aware about, it will make you down and the worst, you wish you would be an unseen person or being an invisible man in your life time after. So be careful!


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