MC For The Wedding Andrew & Erlin

Took a very wonderful nite with my beautiful partner Miss @rebeccazeller , hosting for the wedding of Andrew & Erlin.
Presented by @chronicle_eventorganizer .
Supported by @moirephoto @blinkproductionsurabaya @fortunepagarayu @satryo_mitzlighting @orangeliteorchestra @ariedecor etc.
Lensed by @wibymuhay



MC For The Wedding of Yudi & Intan

For the wedding of Yudi & Intan.
Presented by @chronicle_eventorganizer .
With MC partner, Miss @rebeccazeller .
Supported by @flexophotography @houseofmocca @moccavideo @dtalepagarayu @bimaallstar @agunglighting @genesisdecoration @bimarestaurant .
Pic is taken by @wibymuhay

MC For The Wedding of Thomas & Ervina

Thank you for having me and my partner, Miss @mechellehalim as your master of ceremony. Once again, happy wedding for both of you, @thomharm87 & dr. @ervina_tendean . Long last, Guys!!!
Presented by @chronicle_eventorganizer @reirphotovideo @caroldancersby @srijayabuilding

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